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Knock-Out Writer's Block: Listening To Your Inner Voice
by Celise Downs
Finding a different way to combat writer's block.

The Value of Adding Images to Technical Documentation
by V. Berba Velasco
A discussion of why it is important to judiciously images to make technical documentation clearer and more readable.

Write With Passion: 4 Steps To Emotionally Charge A Nonfiction Article
by Catherine Franz
Emotionally-charged writing is what attracts readers, keeps them reading, and connects readers to the writer and the material in nonfiction writing. Prolific writer, Catherine Franz, now shares with you how she adds emotional impact to her writing. Plus as a bonus, you can obtain a copy of her personal list of emotionally-charged words.

Freewriting: A Strategy That Will Bring Your Writing To Life
by Catherine Franz
Freewriting is an exercise that propels a writer's thought-to-paper processing and improves creativity exponentially, actually in leaps and bounds. Writing Coach, Catherine Franz, discusses freewriting and its benefits but also shows you how to use the exercise to POP your writing. She also includes some tips and techniques to keep all your freewriting organized.

8 Great Journaling Tips
by Catherine Franz
Journaling is therapeutic as well as promotes communication and personal growth. Journaling instructor for 15 years, including two US Presidents and First Ladies, Catherine Franz, shares with you so helpful tips and techniques for you to enjoy. These tips are not in her two books, she's written on the topic.

Make Big Profits from Small Booklets
by Cathy Stucker
Want to get published fast? Write a booklet. Within days you can be a published author. Booklets can create a fast and easy income stream for writers, speakers, consultants and others.

The Writing Game
by Richard Lee
It takes talent to write but it also take a williness to learn the basics of this business and anything that helps productivity is awesome. Wanna write more in less time? Wanna be better than you are now? The following article took 12 minutes of my time...

Plagiarism Through The Eyes Of College Students
by Linda Correli
This article discusses how college students treat plagiarism. Using few real life examples the author shows why students end up plagiarizing without feeling guilty for their academic dishonesty.

Seven Suggestions To Develop a Superb Writing Style
by Danielle Hollister
Every writer eventually develops her own unique style of writing. As you struggle to create your own voice, while focusing on the required standards, you may want to consider the following tips for improving your style and establishing a professional formula for success.

What Does It Take To Make Your Memories Into Publishable Memoirs?
by Danielle Hollister
Why should you consider creating a memoir of your personal experiences for publication? Who would want to read your life story?

Top Ten Reasons It's Great To Be A Writer
by Danielle Hollister
Read my list and then share yours with me!

What You May Not Learn In College... (Part Two)
by Danielle Hollister
If you become a writer for any publication, private business, public entity, non-profit organization and/or large corporation that employs more than one editor, you may find that your job description, expected contributions, desired writing style and similar "guidelines" for your position - are subject to change daily/weekly/unpredictably - according to each editor's mood and/or personal preferences.

Writers Who Consistently Cut The Mustard Do So Because...
by Jim Green
Have you ever wondered why certain writers are able to churn out seemingly endless streams of published bestsellers while thousands upon thousands of others suffer an endless stream of rejection slips?

How To Publish Your Own Newsletter
by Julia Tang
With the expansion and diversion of businesses, manufacturers, and even hobbyists into more and more specialized areas of endeavor, there is an increasing need for information. And newsletters are the high profit way to cash in on the market for specialized information.

71 Ways For A Writer To Make Money
by Julia Tang
There are so many ways for writers to make good money by writing. Some people love to write, even as a hobby. You can turn your writing skills into income. Here are a brief list for your reference.

Secrets Of Successful Authors
by Julia Tang
When the writing bug hits you, get out your pencil, typewriter, word processor or tape recorder and go to work.

How To Self-Publish Your Own Books, Manuals, Reports Or Newsletters
by Julia Tang
Today, more than ever before, is the age of information. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, there continues to be an incredible demand for information throughout America and the world. There is an astronomical demand for information packed books, manuals, reports and newsletters of almost every imaginable kind.

How To Co-Publish For Profits!
by Julia Tang
There are a number of publishers, printers, and mail order dealers who publish their own mailorder magazine. They make their profit by selling advertising space to others in addition to selling their own offers. They offer others (Co-Publishers) a sizable discount for ad space in return for mailing a small number of each issue.

How To Write A Newsletter
by Julia Tang
In order to be successful with a newsletter, specialize in a subject not adequately covered in existing newsletters. A subject which you can give more, or better information on.

Amazing Ways Writing Articles Can Improve Your Business
by Julia Tang
How to get a lot of traffic to your website FREE? Writing articles. This is one of most cost effective way to promote your website - it saves you a lot of money, in the meantime, you get a lot of valuable visitors. The following are a few tips for your reference.

An Introduction to Self Publishing Material
by DeAnna Spencer
Any article, report or book which is bought or sold with reproduction rights is generally referred to as self-publishing material.

Make your Book Stand Out From the Crowd: Know your Audience
by Judy Cullins
Not everyone will want your book. Writing for your target audience focuses your writing and gives your book a great advantage because you know and can communicate your unique selling point. Now, your book will stand out from the crowd. Although everyone won't buy it, it will sell more copies because your targeted book buyers really want your message.

Sell More Books With Your Sparkling Introduction
by Judy Cullins
Why write an introduction? Nobody reads it anyway. Up until now, this opinion has had clout. Make your introduction a powerful sales tool. When people read your clear, concise personal note to them, they will buy your book on the spot!

Top Seven Mistakes Writers Make and What to Do About Them
by Judy Cullins
Don't let your writing, publishing, and promotion assumptions stop you from manifesting your book dream. Use professional, respected information to stay on track.

Three Powerful Tips on Selecting a Book Topic that Sells
by Judy Cullins
The topic of your book or eBook counts-big time. Before you choose your topic pay attention to your audience. What do they want and need? What will they be willing to pay for your information? Try these three powerful tips.

Top Seven Essential "Hot-Selling Points" To Implement Before Writing Chapter One
by Judy Cullins
Every part of your book can be a sales tool. When you include the below tips, you'll sell more books than you ever dreamed of.

Top Seven Ways to Select a Book Topic That Sells
by Judy Cullins
Authors need to write their book according to their target audiences' needs and wants. You can sell many more copies when you address these seven ways to select a topic that sells.

Top Ten Ways to Write Like a Pro Checklist
by Judy Cullins
Sure you can write, but can you write crisp, compelling copy that ezine publishers, related Web sites, and book audiences will clamor for? To sell well, your articles, reports and books need to pass the checklist.

Format Each eBook Chapter Before you Write It
by Judy Cullins
Format each non-fiction, how-to chapter the same. Your consistency, your organized, focused copy will compel your reader to want to read every other chapter because they are easy to understand. Use this fast-forward technique and your eBook will practically write itself.

Overcome Writer's Block with Snake Dancing
by Judy Cullins
As a writer you may think you are blocked because you think your book may not be significant enough, you don't know how to format it, or since you aren't famous, your book won't sell. Know that your book is unique and offers useful solutions to help your audience solve their challenge or problem. You don't have to write like others, and yes, you can write a saleable book.

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