Why Many People Over 30 Choose On Line Education

Written by Online Degrees Directory

In today's competitive job market a degree is increasingly more essential. Every year attendance at colleges across the country increases. The result is that every year there are more college graduates in the workforce. Fifteen years ago a high school diploma may have been sufficient to find gainful employment, but the sad fact is that recent college graduates are now squeezing out many high school graduates who have spent years working at their jobs. In addition, many older college graduates are finding that people with MBA's are squeezing them out of their jobs.

Going on line for distance learning has become an extremely attractive option for many people wishing to earn degrees. It has been an especially popular education choice for those who are over 30 years old. In fact more than half of all on line students are over 30. Often times older students feel uncomfortable going back to school and taking classes with people much younger than themselves. With on line education older students do not need to feel self-conscious. They can take classes from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. They can interact with classmates in a totally anonymous way.

In addition, many older students have financial responsibilities that preclude them from quitting their jobs and attending school full time. But with the flexibility of on line course work, people no longer need to make that sacrifice. Many people find that they can do their coursework at night, after putting their children to bed. Or they can catch up on lectures over the weekend.

Many programs also reward credits based on life experiences. There are invaluable skills and lessons that can only obtained via experience, and many on line universities appreciate this. They appreciate that person who is 35 years old and has been in the real world for half of their life is bringing something of value to the table that cannot be taught in school.

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