Who is Learning at a Distance?

Source: http://www.petersons.com/distancelearning/articles.asp

Most students who enroll in distance education courses are over 25 years old, employed, and have previous college experience. More than half are women. As a group, distance learners are highly motivated. Their course completion rate exceeds that of students enrolled in traditional, on-campus courses. The successful distance learner is by definition a committed student. The individual must have the discipline to establish a regular study schedule each week and adhere to it without having to be reminded by an instructor or classmates to meet deadlines.

A wide range of employers—businesses, hospitals, government offices, and military installations—which find it difficult to release employees for on-campus study, are discovering that it is a good investment to bring the classroom to their worksites. According to a survey conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, employees rank continuing education as more important than child care, flextime, and family leave.

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