Online Survival Skills: 13 More Proven E-Learning Techniques

From David W.Butler,
Your Guide to Distance Learning

Learning online is not quite the same as learning in an on-campus environment. Here are some simple tips to help you succeed as a student on the Web.
You should:

  • Be willing to commit to 4 to 15 hours per week per course

  • Select a study location without distractions.

  • Keep a regular schedule.

  • Establish a routine for completing course work on a weekly basis.

  • Allow plenty of time to complete assignments to avoid being rushed.

  • Be aware of and keep up with course schedules and deadlines

  • Organize the course materials so they are in one location with a calendar of deadlines, tests, group work, and assignments.

  • Give careful consideration to your online responses.

  • Be ready for challenges to your online ideas.

  • Familiarize yourself as much as possible with the website for your course.

  • Log in to the course website on a regular basis to be aware of course updates; of progress in conference discussions; of assignment information; and messages requiring immediate attention.

  • Participate in all course conferences to get to know other class members and their ideas, and to get involved in on-line individual or group projects.

  • Remember that the Internet is a public place. Speak and behave as you would in a classroom.

  • Stay in touch with your instructor.

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